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Come and relax at our beautiful 3 star Country house and feel rested, restored and rejuvenated.


From our verandaFrom our veranda

Sitting on our veranda over grown by bougainvillea you have a breathtaking view of the Magalies mountain range.

As you would expect I do not remember a lot of the first years of my life, but I do remember the smell of “outside”, of nature, since what feels like forever. The smell of newly blossoming flowers. The smell of mud just after a big rainstorm. Even the distinct fresh smell of something as destructive as a hail storm. The smell of nature is something we all seem to love and it reminds us of childhood peace, although we normally can’t remember the first time we smelled it. It is as if we knew these smells since before we were born.

Sitting on our veranda over grown by bougainvillea, the sunlight simmering of the clear water in the pool and the big old tree giving shade, you have the most breathtaking view of the Magalies mountain range. From here the journey can be visualized in all its glory, from the dry sands of the Namib desert, to the ancient forests of Knysna, all the way around to the humid beaches of the east coast and up to the white snow covered tips of the Drakensberg. Each one having its own unique kind of beauty and all having this irresistible call to come and experience what it has to offer.

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Our function facilityOur function facility

Conference facilities, excellent for intimate groups!

We have the perfect location in Centurion not in town but in the calm and rest full atmosphere of the surrounding Equestrian estates. The conference facility comprises a thatch structure that is imminently suited to creating a relaxed atmosphere for conferences and is ideal for groups up to 50 people. A sparkling pool and garden compliments the facilities and provide breakaway areas for groups.

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